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Tony Ballas



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Destined to be A Photogarpher

How I got Interested in Photography!

When I was young my parents and grandparents would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I had no clue? One day though, when I was real young, like four, we were watching the funeral of John F Kenedy, our late assassinated President.


If you watch my little video you will see where I got my first inspiration to land into photography in my later years. 

It was a long road to get here, and life can deal us some crazy cards, but if we follow our hearts when the time is right, we just might land into our Dreams after all.

I also found my soulmate and significant other Janet during my quest in pursuing photography. She has been instrumental in my quest by allowing me to follow my dreams further.

It always helps to have people that see your talents and worth to make the quest easier.


I'm a life long student of photography, advertising, and content and products dealing with MultiMedia.

As a boy I always studied the pictures and photographs that went with the articles, books, newspaper, and ads throughout all the above.


The one big event I remember happening during my early childhood was the assasination of President John F Kennedy. A photographer shot the iconic picture of J.F.K Junior, when he was a young child, saluting his fathers casket as it past by the White House during a funeral procession. They couldn't stop showing that scene on TV during the coverage after that photo was released by the Associated Press.


This event, along with my fascination with photography and drawing got me to studying photography and MultiMedia at both Anne Arundel Community College and Allegany College of Maryland, where I graduated from the MutiMedia program, and plan on continuing my education from there.

I did also take a bunch of classes in Environmental Science at AACC, for which I am grateful for some of my knowledge of science and nature. I found myself out among nature and the woods and fields around my grandparents farm, in Augusta West Virginia, during summers as a boy, when my dad was getting his masters degree in Education at Frostburg State University.

Starting January 21st of 2021 I will be taking business classes at ACM to help serve you and all customers better.

I hope I never stop learning and am willing to teach or help others that have a desire or interest in anything photography related or dealing with graphics and video.

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