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WhiskyBottomFunkProjectFinal - 1:15:21, Artist Name
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"Whiskey Bottom Funk" 

By  Tony Ballas: using Garage Band
GarageBand_1_Ballas- 2:25:19, 2.24 PM
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"Hip-Jazz" short version

By, Tony Ballas
Project.Tony.Ballas. - 4:2:19, 4.13 PM
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By Tony Ballas: using Garage Band

Interview With

Jole Hunt

Tony Ballas interviewing Jole Hunt an independent contractor for the Cumberland Times News located in Western Maryland, USA. Jole tells how challenging it is dealing with delivering news papers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

GarageBand_Funk_Project_Final2 - 1:13:21
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" Funk UP the Block"

Newer Version

BY Tony Ballas: using Garage Band

00:00 / 04:26

"Lost in The Swamp/Funk-Project"

By Tony Ballas: using Audacity/

Prof. House: MultiMedia Design class

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