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GO 4 IT !!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I never really knew what I wanted to do or be when I grew up?

I probably jumped back and forth between, wishing I could play professional sports, being a photographer, and right before High school I aspired to be an auto mechanic.

Yep, I ended up taking vo-tech in high school, at Annapolis Senior High to get out of taking higher level math classes, and some of those other classes some young people hate to take. It even helped land me a job in auto parts before graduation from High School and I did it many years off and on after that.

But was I Happy with this Life choice I had made? Heck NO, not really. I enjoyed working, and enjoyed getting paid. Although, the pay wasn't all that much. I don't fully regret those years because I was able to meet a lot of great, interesting, and good people and not as good people, along the way. It gave me some backbone to know what hard work is, that you have to work for a living, and that you can do most anything you try, if you give it half a chance.

I worked a whole lot of other different jobs in the process of coming to the place I want to talk to you about today. Photography - Multi-Media, - Inspirations - and - Dreams! I worked things like landscaping, land surveying, boat parts store - marina, auto parts and probably a few other ones that escape me at the moment.

You're probably thinking, "How does a person go from auto parts, to land surveying, to Photography! Easy, YOU GO FOR IT!

I didn't just happen upon photography as another Life change choice. I had an Inspirational moment at a very young age that I didn't or wasn't able to pursue at a younger age.

When this inspiration happened, I must have been 4 years old. It was during the Kennedy years as President of The United States, and actually happened during his funeral procession, after his assassination.

A photographer for the associated press saw the young John F. Kennedy Junior salute his dads coffin as it was drawn past the White House by horses. The photographer, , knew he had something special and after taking the photograph went directly to the AP newsroom, I'm assuming within the White House or just blocks away, and developed the film, and sent the photograph out to all the news agencies.

I remembered seeing the young Kennedy, about my same age, salute his dad, and thought it kinda cool. Well, some minutes after the act had happened, probably 5-10 minutes-maybe less, Walter Cronkite says we have a picture to show you, and it was the close-up that the photographer took of JFK Junior saluting his dad. The news anchor, and the TV editors hadn't paid a lot of attention to that moment having happened live during the airing. The moment couldn't have been more surreal, for me. I saw it.

Walter Cronkite, and possibly the other news agencies, went into how this photographer just became a household name because of having the ware with all to take the picture in the first place, but knowing he had a real winning photograph to share went directly to process it and put it on the wire, as they say, to bring that moment to the attention of the TV and News Agencies before someone else may have.

During those moments of being told what a great thing this photographer had done, I knew I was interested in photography!

By doing what he did as far as taking and sending that picture out right away, it gave people a glimmer of hope, and kinda brightened up what was such a solemn occasion.

After that, when I would look at magazines, newspapers, books and the like, I sorta studied the images to see what I liked about them, and what made them standout or not, and why they made me feel a certain way. I Guess that's partly what gave me the good "eye" that people say I have.

Long story short, I did all those different jobs all them years, and even attempted college the first time, giving up on that dream of being a photographer or artist. Mainly, I had no way to buy a 35mm camera, and all the other equipment you need as a photographer: Like; tripods, different lenses, and back then - darkroom equipment.

But, now in my later years, I am pursuing that inspirational moment by taking classes in multi-media, at Allegany College of Maryland, which includes photography. Thanks to the digital age it made things easier to do as a photographer. Even though I did a lot of photography by learning it on my own from books, a couple courses at Anne Arundel Community College, and photography magazines, and looking at photographs and art works with a discerning eye, I decided to take the Multi-Media program of study at ACM because I wanted to learn more about video.

Something that many photographers are adding to their skills, is videography, because of the large majority of ways it is being utilized today, and almost demanded for by the public.

I'm still in the process of learning, and can't say I've made it as a photographer, at least not financially, but I am learning and following that inspiration. I've even been published in several newspapers. Local ones, just the same I have been published.

There is a lesson here. Don't give up on your Dreams, don't let people discourage you from your dreams, follow any inspirations you have, and remember "It's never too late to follow an Inspiration or a Dream.

JUST Go For IT !! Yours and my Dreams are still to come, but never give up. You might put something on hold, but always give dreams and inspirations there due and second chances.

We are the Only One's that can Make Our Dreams Come True!

More to Come !

Written by: Tony Ballas

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