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Aero Wolf Tennis Shoes is a team collaboration by: Vincent Harrell, David Tuggle, Conner Tressler, and myself: Tony Ballas. We all contributed to developing the story, developing the lines, and shooting the scenes of the video. Conner Tressler did the majority of the editing in collaboration with Dave and myself giving input and all of us being editors. This helped to make the product come together real nice. We were proud to turn this in to Instructor Ritchey as one of our projects for his Video Production class.

Video Commercial: Aero Wolf Tennis Shoes

Train Under a Road Bridge is just a clip I took that was added to the end of a video-slide show I helped put together for the Allegany County Chapter of The National Railway Historical Society.

I am proud to say that the local society donated a digital television and the video-slide show to the Allegany Museum, which is located in Cumberland Maryland, USA.

In addition to the original location, the video-slide show project, The History of Western Maryland Railroads (Railways?,) is also available to be viewed at the Cumberland Railway Museum at Canal Place in Cumberland Maryland.

CSX Train Traveling Under a Road Bridge

Page Turn: Railroad History

This page turn I created, is also a product that I created for the video-slide show of THE HISTORY of RAILWAYS in WESTERN MARYLAND. Doing one of these page turns isn't real hard after you get familiar with the process, but it does take a little getting used to at first.

IF you need one created for you, you can contact me at .

Visit: CUMBERLAND MARYLAND in Allegany county and go to The Allegany Museum or the Cumberland Railway Museum at Canal Place first chance you get.  Donations Welcome

This commercial is a project we had to do for our Video Desktop Publishing class with Prof. John Bone. The project was to make a commercial for our college: Allegany College of Maryland (ACM), with videos and other assets Prof. Bone provided for us. Normally we would have shot our own video scenes but since all schools have had to go online for the time being we used assets created by other students, and possibly Levi Fester, the college's photographer. 

ACM Commercial: School Project

School Project for Allegany College of Maryland -
Media Technology
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